Di Jordan, dalam rahim bayi perempuan yg baru lahir ditemukan 3 bayi laki2

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Dalam rahim bayi perempuan baru lahir di temukan 3 bayi laki2, Subhanallah..

A Jordanian medical team was able to in the Royal Medical Services, King Hussein Medical City from the extraction of three embryos male from the belly of a child as young as four days in a rare surgery was a success. Description adviser Pediatric Surgery and Urology and transplant physician age, which conducted a successful operation with a medical team of Pediatric Surgery, anesthesia and intensive care process as "rare and complex."

"Another Jordanian news agency said on Sunday that one embryo was fully developed, and the second almost complete and the third stages of development and growth, pointing out that the embryos of the three children were involved Baltroyp arterial and venous inside the mother's womb.

Doctor age the child which will be called, Ryan retained custody of the three brothers, twins in the stomach during the journey of pregnancy and mother it until the fourth day of his birth, a date of the transaction's behest a lot of suspicion and concern by the parents and the medical team that had monitored his condition to birth, pointing to the examination of tissue in the center of Princess Iman bint Abdullah proved that the embryos in the belly of the child are three males.

Revealed age that doctors Embryology city Hussein Medical predicted before the birth of the child and a tumor in a child who lived and his mother to the critical moments of anxiety and fear in anticipation of a shift in the tumor, but nothing had been diagnosed after the initial birth of the child from radiologists to detect signs of an embryo within the increased concern parents fear for their child.

He noted that the case of pregnancy the mother was normal and he was dealt drugs are not permitted during pregnancy, indicating that the swelling was in the belly of the child necessitated a Caesarean section the mother's doctor processor, and the operation carried out for the child after birth four days later revealed a mystery that affected the case of swelling, with three embryos in the belly of the baby.

The doctor said that the state of age and the presence within the Jenin Jenin obtained at the level of the world, but is noteworthy that there would be three additional embryos in the belly of Jenin, pointing out that this situation did not get recorded references of international medical, according to the information available methods of modern research.

Brings surgeons that the operation of complex processes, especially to that required to maintain the child's life, which overlap the arteries of growth to continue life with the embryos of other, as well as the multiplicity of the umbilical cord of fetuses and associated blood vessels of the child carrier embryos, which share Baltroyp blood, making the separation processes embryos in a very refined and complex, and could jeopardize the child's life at grave risk. Between age and the reason for this rare condition caused by a bug in the early stages of fertilization causes overlap three embryos inside the embryo rather than the presence of four embryos in the womb.

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